Sketches from the Park: Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom Park

From the Disney Parks Blog and written by: Will Gay

From time to time I will be doing some Plein Air painting (from the field), from a new, inspiring location in the Disney Parks. I will share my sketches and experiences here on the blog each time. Today, I continue my “Sketches from the Park” series as I started off with an early morning in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom Park.

This particular morning reminds me of my childhood. I have always been inspired by Tomorrowland since coming to the parks on summer vacation as a kid with my family. There were so many great memories of driving on the Tomorrowland Speedway with Space Mountain towering in the distance. So, I sat down to take it all in once again and do a quick sketch in pen and ink, and a little watercolor in my travel-sized sketchbook.

After doing a quick sketch in pen right on the watercolor paper, I started to add some color. I don’t get too literal with the colors, it’s more about how it feels to me. Space Mountain felt like cool blue and purple hues so that is what I used. I just put down enough watercolor to give it a little life, because it is meant to be a quick sketch after all.

Sketch of Space Mountain by Artist Will Gay

After about 30 minutes I was happy with my sketch and I packed up my supplies and walked over to see one of my favorite classic attractions, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. It was a pretty nice way to start off a summer morning in Tomorrowland!

Sketch of Space Mountain by Artist Will Gay

I hope you enjoy the art and keep your eye on the Disney Parks Blog for my next post from a new location in our “Sketches from the Park” series. See ya next time!

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