Imagineer for a Day ~ My Suggestions

Imagineer for a Day ~ My Suggestions 1

How often have you found yourself walking through a Disney Park or doing anything that involves Disney and thought to yourself that you could do that better? Or have you ever had an awesome idea and thought that would work as an attraction? I do it all the time. I see the announcements as they roll out and some I get really excited about and some not so much. I often find myself being all like, “ that’s the dumbest idea I ever heard “ or “a dad gum genius must have came up with that awesome idea.”

So in tonight’s article I am going to play Imagineer for a day or more depending on what all I come up with. What does that mean exactly? I’m just going to pretend that I have unlimited resources, money, space and can do anything I want to do within Walt Disney World.

Some of you may get mad or whatever because I may do away with a favorite and some may agree with me but remember, it’s all in good fun and none of what I write about is going to happen. But
if it does, I want my money Disney.

Imagineer for a Day ~ My Suggestions 2

The relocation of Frozen Ever After – I know, I know, it’s a new fan favorite, but before you
burn me at the stake I just want it moved to Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios. Arendelle is a fictitious country and in my opinion doesn’t belong in World Showcase. The movie makers may have drawn inspiration from Norway, but nonetheless it’s not a real place. It would easily fit in at
Magic Kingdom but it’s getting overpopulated with attractions anyways, so why not the studios? Lord knows that place needs all the help it can get.

An extended Monorail track – Who doesn’t love the monorail? We ride it almost every trip because it’s an attraction in itself. As you know there are two tracks. The Magic Kingdom resort loop and the track that goes from TTC to Epcot. We utilize it all the time but how cool would it be to take the monorail to Disney Springs or to the Studios or Animal Kingdom. It would be awesome with that much less traffic to have to deal with.

A Haunted Mansion Themed Hotel – It’s my favorite attraction and how cool would it be to stay in a resort that is themed to the spooky house. A Madam Leota alarm clock, mirrors that have a reflections of the hitchhiking ghost. The ideas are limitless to what could be done.

Imagineer for a Day ~ My Suggestions 3

Pirates of the Caribbean Water Park – How cool would it be to have a water park that is themed to the Pirates attraction? There could be replicas of the Black Pearl and other ships with all kinds of slides and rope swings.

Make the Studios a Studio – Back in the day the Studios could function as an actual movie studio. Many of the big movie stars of the 80’s and 90’s filmed here and could sometimes be seen wondering about the park.

24 Hour Events – This is something I would definitely bring back and would do it in all the parks except maybe Animal Kingdom. The thought of wondering around EPCOT for 24 hours just makes me excited thinking about it.

There you have it, the first list of changes I would make if I had free reign of Walt Disney World. Like I said this list was done in fun and don’t fear because there will be more changes to come.

Until next time!


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