Top 5 Reasons To Stay On Disney Property

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Michelle Perkins
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Good Evening Main Street Mouse Ohana!!

How was everyone’s week? I hope it was great and I hope next week is good for you too. We are really getting into the busy season here in Walt Disney World.  Halloween has one more week and then….Christmas begins here!  We are actually staying on property with friends at the beginning of December to see the new Star Wars Rise of the Resistance attraction!  I know what you are thinking, doesn’t she live down the street?  Yes, I do I actually live really close to Disney, but we love staying on property! Why you ask? Here are my top five reasons why staying on Disney property is the best!

  1. No parking lots!

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I love going to Disney but the parking lot.. oy vey.  My little one and I avoid the tram so we have to walk and sometimes I just wish I didn’t have to deal with it!  When we are on property I don’t have to! We just take Disney transportation.  The bus, boat, monorail and now the Skyliner!  How fun is that?  It’s like a ride before the rides!  Now at night, it can be a little bit crazy.  Especially in the Magic Kingdom, but it’s better than walking all the way back to your car…trust me.

  1. The Theming

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Disney goes above and beyond when it comes to the theme of its resorts.  The theme is a bit stronger geared towards kids in the value resorts, but seriously it’s amazing!  We are DVC members and stay at Saratoga Springs a lot.  The resort is gorgeous.  I was just talking to my husband about the Art of Animation and staying there just to experience the Lion King and Little Mermaid areas.  If you want classic elegance, the Grand Floridian is amazing too.  Just go for a few hours and walk around one or two of the resorts, you will love all décor I promise you. Especially at Christmas time.

  1. Customer Service

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If you have been to Disney before you know their level of customer service is top-notch.  They really go all out for their guests.  Cast members will do whatever they can to make your stay magical and unforgettable.  They may leave a little surprise in your room or help you get that special reservation you couldn’t get.  I had an issue with my room for  the Princess races last year, it was too far from where we needed to catch the bus. The Cast Member at the desk fixed the issue, no problem!  Sometimes you may even get a little sprinkle of pixie dust and get an upgrade!  I have friends that were upgraded to a resort room with a doorbell! Seriously? Amazing!

  1. Fast Pass and Restaurant reservations

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As a local, we only get 30 days to make a fast pass reservation, but if you are staying on property you get to make fast passes 60 days in advance!  That 30 extra days really help with rides like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, or Slinky Dog Dash, and Flight of Passage!  You can actually not have to wait in line for these high priority rides and really enjoy your day.  You can make three fast passes for one park per day.  Once you use your three, you can add one at a time at any park you wish.  So not to fear, if you could not get on Toy Story Mid-Way Mania because you had to have Slinky Dog Dash you might be able to score a fast pass later.  Fast Pass is great but if you can’t get one for your favorite ride my number one might help you out!

  1. Extra Magic Hours!

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This is the reason we are staying on property in December and it’s my favorite part about being a resort guest, you can get into the parks early or stay late!  We know that it’s no secret that the lines are long at Disney World, and when a new ride opens everyone wants to experience it.  So what better way than being a resort guest with extra park access!  There are also some rides that fast pass selection is hard to come by this little extra perk might just be the ticket you need to get on the ride before the park opens, or after it closes.  When Galaxies Edge opened, they were opening that park of Hollywood Studios at 6 am for hotel guests, that really helps.  As I mentioned above, it’s the reason we are staying on property in December! To get on Rise of the Resistance for my Star Wars obsessed husband!

Well, that’s all for this week Ohana!! I hope you enjoyed my list and found it helpful! See you next time!

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