Meet the Team Behind Disney Parks Wishables

From the Disney Parks Blog and written by: Thomas Smith

Soft, small and squishable with stars in their eyes, Disney Parks Wishables have become a guest favorite since their debut earlier this year. Ever wonder the story behind the plush? It all starts with a talented team of Disney cast members using their creativity and love for storytelling to bring Disney Parks Wishables to life.

Merchandising manager Julie Young and character artist Maria Stuckey are part of this team. They began with an idea to create the next big – or in this case, small – merchandise must-have for Disney guests. Beyond being overwhelmingly cute, the collections are tied to experiences that guests have during a Disney vacation.

“I believe Wishables are so unique and have really resonated with our guests because they are so cute,” Julie said. “It’s also about that experience and that memory that the guest is taking home with them.”  

More than 70 Wishables have been released so far, and each cute, collectible version of favorite Disney theme park characters, snacks, and even attractions vehicles started with a sketch by Maria. As a self-proclaimed professional Disney fan, she grew up in Florida visiting Walt Disney World Resort with her family. Now, she brings her passion for the details of Disney theme parks to the designs of new Wishables collections every month for guests to enjoy. 

“Disney has a deep root in who I am as an artist and a person and being able to take that love and share it with other guests is just a dream come true,” said Maria.

Take a special behind-the-scenes look at how these toys were created.

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