Does it Lose its Magic? My Thoughts!

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Michelle Perkins
Does it Lose its Magic? My Thoughts! 1

Hello Main Street Mouse Family!

Another week has passed, and we are already in February.  The parks are calmer right now, holiday crowds are gone, the marathon weekend is over, and we just had Martin Luther King Day.  It’s a good time to go to Disney.  We have been living here since August of 2013 and every day when I wake up I feel blessed to live here.  I love the parks so much and I love sharing the experiences with friends and family.  When I had my daughter, I remember thinking of all the fun we would have together at the parks.  My northern friends sometimes don’t get my obsession, well some of the people I work with don’t either.  I’m known as that Disney girl, and they often ask does it lose its magic?  My answer is no and here is why.

Something is always new.  I’m not just talking about a new ride or show, but we notice things that we never noticed before in Disney.  For example, friends who know me and my little one know she has a slight obsession with the ride in Mexico, The Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros.  Well, the last time we went on it she noticed that in the end, when you get to the fiesta part, the decorations have the faces of the three characters in the ride!  I totally didn’t notice.  Low and behold there they were, she looked up and said, “Mommy Donald Duck!” Well, what do you know it is!  Little things like that make the magic stay around.

Does it Lose its Magic? My Thoughts! 2

Merchandise is my weakness, I may need some help in this area.  When something is new and I like it, I must have it.  Here at Disney, the merchandise is always changing.  With every holiday, festival, or magical celebration, there is a new set of ears and a Loungefly backpack. Let’s not forget the spirit jerseys, pandora, and mugs also.  I do love to shop so. Who doesn’t want new merchandise?  I don’t get something every time we go but, if something is new and we as a family want it, we get it. My husband had to have that Millennium Falcon Popcorn Bucket, so we made it happen!

Does it Lose its Magic? My Thoughts! 3

The atmosphere!  You can not get any better than the atmosphere when you walk into a Disney park.  It’s a mix of excitement and awe as you stroll down Main Street, or a feeling of peace when you see the Tree of Life.   Sometimes we go to Disney just to walk.  We may not even ride a single ride or see a single show.  Yes, it can be crowded but you can always find a quiet place in the parks to get away from the crowds if you need to.  Today we are heading to Art of Animation just to walk around and grab dinner, that’s how we much we love the atmosphere here, it is magic all around you.  The sites, the smells, the characters just make all your worry seem to melt away and not be as bad.

Does it Lose its Magic? My Thoughts! 4

So does it lose its magic? No, it doesn’t, there is always something that keeps the spark going.

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