Disney Favorites… What do you miss the most? Main Streeter’s Answer this Question! #disneylife

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Michele
Disney Favorites... What do you miss the most? Main Streeter's Answer this Question! #disneylife 1

Disney Favorites... What do you miss the most? Main Streeter's Answer this Question! #disneylife 2

We are all missing our favorite Disney destinations so much right now.  With the current state of the world and the parks all being closed, it really puts things into perspective.  People are getting a new found appreciation for so many things, including Disney.  In our group on Facebook, TMSM Fan Nation https://www.facebook.com/groups/TmsmFanNation/, I asked our members what they miss the most during this downtime in regards to the Parks.  The answers varied but the sentiment was similar.  Here’s what our Main Streeters had to say!

Stephanie Knight ~ I miss the sense of not knowing what is going on in the world. Disney made it where I could get away from it all and just sit back and relax.

Carolyn Chillemi Crouse ~ I miss the overall feeling of Disney. I especially miss the feeling of arriving on Disney property and seeing the sights and hearing Welcome Home!

Pat Bohenko ~ At my age it’s seeing the eyes on the little children when they meet their favorite character for the first time. Especially at the character breakfasts and buffets.

Kyle Vaughn ~ The background music. And the smells. When i get there there is just a smell that tells me I’m home.

Tori Junes Fowler ~ I miss the feeling when you walk through the gates and hear the train whistle, the smell of the cones from the Plaza, hear the happy squeals of children, and the feeling of the regular world wash away as Walt’s dream washes over you…praying our trip scheduled to Disneyland is still a go!

Katie Coleman Nelson ~ Being local now (and moving here for Disney)…I love walking thru the turnstiles and watching the families who may be there for the first time or kids meeting their favorite character or dancing to the street parades! It’s just this different kind of happy.

Jackie Kutney ~ The sense of happiness and being a kid again!

Elizabeth Thompson ~ I miss the crowds. I just can’t wait to be around people again, even if it’s strangers.

Kyra von Christierson ~ It’s going to sound crazy, but I miss Disney popcorn. The hot buttery salty goodness. Microwave popcorn just doesn’t taste as good!

Connie Scott Nelson ~ Being together with family, leaving the “real” world behind for a while and just being around happiness. I love the warmth of the sun and the beautiful colors and delicious smells all around Disney too!

Thomas Greene ~ I love how you can relax around the world at Epcot and have a couple of drinks. I also love my favorite rides Peter Pan and Tower of Terror!

Paula Shackelford Peppers ~ Walking up Main Street with my family…the smells of Disney…the bakery smell…
Riding rides with my kids. The feeling I get when I first walk into the park!

Lorraine Grella ~ My coworkers because we’re family!

Teresa Michele ~ Making memories with my daughter. She’s growing up so fast, almost to her teen years and I know that soon I won’t be the person she wants to spend her time with. Sharing Disney means I can have moments with her for just a little bit longer.

Terri Wirt ! The Pina Colava at The Gurgling Suitcase at Old Key West!

Nina Noakes ~ The feeling of being carefree and a kid again!

Kristine Ostrom ~ The feeling of calm and relaxation that only Disney can bring! I would give anything to take the kids to the pool at Fort Wilderness, come back to a nice dinner outside, get everyone changed so we can go to the sing along and watch the movie, and then walk down and watch the water parade. The care free Disney life. That’s what I crave.

Dotti Chesney ~I just plain miss being there!

These are all good answers. As for me, there is so much that I miss when it comes to Disney. I think being a local, I miss the freedom of being able to run over to Disney property any time that we want to. On the weekends, to pick a park and just go walk around with my family. I miss the sights, sounds, smells… all of it. Disney is in my heart and I can really feel that bit of emptiness currently, I think we are all missing the magic no matter where we live. So what about you? What do you miss the most when it comes to your favorite Disney destinations? Tell us about it in the comments. Stay safe everyone! ~M


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