1900 Park Fare Strawberry Soup Recipe

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Michelle Perkins

If you have had breakfast at 1900 Park Fare located inside of The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, then you may have tasted this delectable strawberry soup.  Its, delicious, and the perfect companion at any breakfast table. Strawberry Soup is also easy to make, so here is a recipe for you to try this delightful breakfast side dish in your kitchen!


  • 2 lb., 8 oz. strawberries (frozen variety, thawed with juice)
  • 16 oz. heavy cream
  • 2 oz. sour cream
  • 3 oz. plain yogurt
  • 8 oz. fresh strawberries


  1. Mix first four ingredients.
  2. Beat slowly until well mixed and a smooth consistency.
  3. Chill; shake well before serving.
  4. Add fresh strawberries as garnish.
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