Yoda Pom Pom Craft Idea!

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Michele


Well, as you know, we’re in the midst of Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World. In keeping with that theme, I found this cute Yoda craft from Disney Family and thought I’d share with you! Enjoy…. and May the Force Be With You!

You don’t have to be a Jedi to make friends with Yoda. All you need is some green and brown yarn and you can make a cuddly and slightly fuzzy version of the Jedi Master himself, lightsaber and all.

Add him to your party decor, you shall. Great fun, he will bring.

What You’ll Need
Download Yoda Pom Pom

Light brown and light green yarn*
Light green and black felt
Light green pipe cleaner
Googley eyes (small)
Hot glue
How To Make It
1 Cut a small length of brown yarn and lay over the middle of your fork parallel with the fork’s prongs. This will be the piece you use to tie the pom pom together.
2 Next wrap brown yarn over your fork; over and over like you would be if you were eating spaghetti. Wrap the yarn 60 times (the more you wrap it the fluffier the pom pom will get). While still holding the wrapped yarn in place, tie a not using the small length of yarn underneath to tie it all together.
3 Next cut the loops with a scissors until you have a shaggy pom pom. You might have to give it a slight hair cut to make it look more uniform. This is Yoda’s body as if he was covered by his Jedi robe. Make 2 brown pom poms and 1 green pom pom. The green pom pom will be his head.
4 Print the template on cardstock and cut the pieces out. Trace Yoda’s ears onto the green felt and cut them out. Glue the ears to the sides of the green pom pom. Draw his hands and feet on the green felt and cut them out. The pom pom you see here has 2 hands w/3 fingers each and 2 feet w/3 toes each. Make sure to leave a little extra felt at the bottom of each limb so it makes it easier to glue to the sides and the bottom. Cut out a small circle from the green felt for his nose. Next, glue on his googly eyes, nose, hands and feet.
5 To make Yoda’s lightsaber, cut a green pipe cleaner to a couple of inches. Next cut a small rectangle of black felt and wrap it around and glue it to the end of the pipe cleaner for the lightsaber’s hilt. Let the glue dry then glue the lightsaber to Yoda’s hand.
6  Now glue the green pom pom to the brown pom poms so Yoda’s head and body are connected.

Now it’s time to have him go save the galaxy (or decorate your party)!

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