No Pre-Shows or Interactive Queues on Attractions at Walt Disney World

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Michele
No Pre-Shows or Interactive Queues on Attractions at Walt Disney World 1

Walt Disney World began their reopening phases this past weekend with Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Crowds were low and most rides did not have a wait time, guests could basically walk right on! One thing different that you will notice when you go, is that the attractions that usually have a pre-show currently do not. This also includes attractions with an interactive queue. The new move coincides with Disney’s social distancing and safety measures. Let’s break down what I’ve seen so far!

First up, the Haunted Mansion. This is my favorite attraction and I couldn’t wait to go for a ride! Because Disney does not want people to gather in crowds and has social distancing rules in place, you no longer stop for the preshow in the stretching room. Guests are escorted right through that area and taken directly to the Doombuggies. The ghost host narration also skips that entire part as you walk through. Take a look on the video below.

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train has their queue activities on pause. No more spinning the barrel of jewels or running your hands through the water.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh has their queue activities blocked off as well. No access to the honey wall.

Monsters Inc Laugh Floor is closed.

Enchanted Tales With Belle isn’t open due to social distancing rules.

Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom only has the instruction part of their pre-show going. The first room that you go into where you usually would watch a video isn’t happening. You proceed to walk right through now. Also there was no wait to get onto this ride.

No Pre-Shows or Interactive Queues on Attractions at Walt Disney World 2

Dinosaur also does not have their usual movie with Dr. Marsh before entering the ride load area.

Hollywood Studios has no pre-show movie for the newest attraction, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. You proceed directly to the ride.

Over at the ever so popular Rise of the Resistance, all pre-show areas are not running. I believe there are three of them if I remember correctly. Guests will proceed directly to the load area.

The same goes for Tower of Terror, no Twilight Zone movie ahead of time. As for Rock N Roller Coaster, no pre-show movie with Aerosmith. No, we don’t get to hear the classic line about backstage passes!

Same goes for Smugglers Run!

Over at Epcot, Test Track has no car building currently, just the ride.

These changes across Walt Disney World are necessary to help keep guests safe. This also makes lines go by much faster and it leads to little to no wait times which is great. This is just the beginning of the “new normal” at Disney so stay tuned for more updates.

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