Main Streeter Suggestions on how to Tame the Florida Frizz at WDW!

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Michele

Oh the humidity…….

Main Streeter Suggestions on how to Tame the Florida Frizz at WDW! 1

It’s humid here in Central Florida. One issue a lot of us have at the Parks, including myself, is taming that Florida frizzy hair! I’ve tried everything, it’s a hard thing to combat.  I did a poll in TMSM Fan Nation to get some reader input. Low and behold, you ARE my people, and we all are struggling together! Here are some suggestions on how to get rid of the frizzies at Disney, courtesy of some fabulous Main Streeters~

Jessica McMahan~ I use the Moroccan oil hydration creme. Works great on my thick hair.

Denise Palicki-Klein~ Redken has a Line of anti frizz products… They use the FPF factor ( much like SPF for sunscreen) to rate the frizz control! They work pretty decent!

Erin Orourke~ If you take hot or very warm showers, there is one thing you could try along with using argan oil. When you’re done in the shower just before you get out rinse your hair in the coldest water you can stand. It works for me and it’s what we were taught to do in cosmetology school. its free so its worth a try!

Carolyn Chillemi Crouse~ I use a Chi smoothing cream but I leave it wet in a pony tail. Lion King hair usually finds me half way through my day anyway!

Kelly Frankowski~ I had a Pravana treatment done here in Michigan before our Destin Fl trip last week. It’s a smoothing treatment. Left my hair silky smooth and a faster blow dry.. Even in FL. I wanted it straighter but it really didn’t do that. I love how smooth it is though. I may try the Brazilian Blowout before our Nov DCL cruise.

Liza Martin~ Instead of fighting the curl, you could try to roll with it. Sebastian makes a product called “Potion 9” which has silicone in it, which makes curls soft and helps them retain their shape. I have also used Moroccan Hair Oil’s curl definer to help keep my curls in check. If you just want it off of your face, however, I’ve gone with a bun and used shea butter conditioner on the baby hairs to keep them flat. It’s times like this, though, that I have to admit I envy my bald husband!

Laurie Jennings Sapp~ I use the Aveda smoothing line and that certainly keep the frizz in check. But more often than not I wear a pony tail just because hair on the neck is so HOT!

Rachel Guzman~ I wore it up the whole time last week! I let it air dry with beach spray and smooth out the front and pin it back! Dry shampoo works great too to add some more texture to your hair.

Amanda Peranteau~ Summertime in Florida…buns, pigtails, ponytails, braids, fishtails, headbands…mouse, gel and or hairspray…and it will still rain and you will STILL look like you put your tongue in a light socket. Hair down…even possibly doesn’t come till MAYBE the beginning of November….and only while experiencing a cold front…LOL.

Susie Wilson~ Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel is awesome. Holds your curls n just use some water to reactivate the curls the next day n no frizz!!

Jen Johnson~ I pack more anti frizz stuff in my bag than anything else. Anti frizz shampoo conditioner and John Freda gel. Its crazy. I still end up somewhat frizzy but better than if i go without.

Alina Kopp Mason~ Moroccan oil after drying and flat ironing. Use sulfate free shampoo/conditioner to prevent dry.

Autumn Barnes~ Pony Tail. Bun. Anti Frizz Shampoo, Conditioner and Spray. No other products to keep them from reacting.

Paula Shackelford Peppers Pretty much what Autumn said. I do like Rusk “being sexy Argan oil”. I put it on the ends of my hair.

My suggestion~ Bed Head After Party cream, good stuff!

I hope some of these fabulous suggestions help you if you’re having the same frizzy hair problem as we are when we visit WDW! If you have a suggestion, feel free to share it with us, the more info we have, the better! Thanks and good luck girls! ~M


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