Sorcerer Mickey Hat Cornucopia DIY

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Jackie Kutney

At Disney, things are full-speed ahead for Christmas! While Christmas is my favorite holiday, I like to show Thanksgiving some love, too. Whether you’re hosting dinner or just want to add some Disney magic to your fall decor, check out this idea for a Sorcerer Mickey-inspired cornucopia found on Disney Family!

Items needed:
-blue paint
-sponge brush
-white felt
How to make it:
-paint your cornucopia using the blue paint and sponge brush
-while the paint is drying, use the scissors to cut several stars and a crescent moon out of the white felt
-glue the stars and moon on the cornucopia
-tie the rope around the opening of your cornucopia
-fill the cornucopia with gourds, foxtails, or anything else you like
If you’d like to see video on how to make this festive craft, click below!
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