Make Your Own Mickey Mouse Cupcakes! ~ Easy Instructions!

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Michele



We frequently get questions from readers asking for craft and recipe ideas that aren’t too difficult to try. Well, this idea from Disney Family is one that I came across, and seems like the simplest one yet! Here you go!

Whipping up a batch of birthday cupcakes doesn’t get much easier than this. Just start with some chocolate sandwich cookies, add a little inspiration from America’s most ear-risistible mouse, and you’re ready to sing Happy Birthday.

30 mins

25 mins

55 mins

What You’ll Need

Batch of pre-baked vanilla cupcakes
Chocolate sandwich cookies, regular size and mini size

How To Make It

1 Frost the cupcakes.

2 Split each cookie into halves (you’ll need a total of six regular cookies and twelve mini cookies to decorate a dozen cupcakes).

3 Push one half of a regular cookie (with the unfrosted side facing forward) halfway down into the center of a cupcake to create the top of the mouse head. For ears, set a pair of mini cookie halves (again, unfrosted sides facing forward) right behind and to the sides of the head. This time press the cookies into the frosting just far enough to hold them in place.

4 Use the remaining cookie halves to decorate the rest of the cupcakes.

Special thanks to Disney Family for the idea and pic!


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