A College Student Is Paid to Visit Disney World as a Theme-Park Nanny

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Sean Sposato

Do you think you’ve found your dream job? Well, we’re here to tell you that you haven’t as Cyan Nardiello, a Florida-based college student, is actually paid to visit the Central Florida theme parks as a nanny. YES–this is her REAL JOB!

Nardiello works for her own babysitting business called Once Upon a Nanny and charges $25 per hour to watch kids at Disney World, Universal Orlando, and other resorts.

In an interview with Insider, Nardiello revealed she’s been working as a nanny for about two years and in one of her earlier jobs she had gotten permission to take one of her clients to Disney World for an afternoon. Well, this one-time trip turned into a weekly visit.

Following the success she had taking this client to Disney, she was inspired to create her company, which helps local residents and vacationing families find care for their kids at Disney World, Universal Orlando, and other Central Florida theme park resorts.

“I decided to make a business out of it before someone stole my idea,” she told Insider. “I wasn’t really planning on making Once Upon a Nanny what it is, but I realized that there’s a demand for it.”

On a typical day in Nardiello’s job, the college student includes enjoying theme park attractions, swimming in resort pools, and more. Currently, Nardiello works with a few local families once or twice a month.

Nardiello may have a lot of frequent clients. However, she’s moved beyond just regulars as she also helps families on vacations. Families will actually hire Nardiello as a nanny for a single day, or they’ll book her services for the entirety of their trips.

“If the family I’m working for wants an extra set of hands, I’ll stay with them through the park,” she said. “I can also take the children to do age-appropriate activities while parents go on bigger rides or drink around the world at Epcot.”

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