“Michael Myers of Decatur” Visits The Most Magical Place On Earth

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Scott

In 1978, Michael Myers made his big screen debut in the film, Halloween.  Since then, Michael has really become one of the biggest fan favorite slashers in movies, he’s a huge part of pop culture. Last year, I stumbled upon the Facebook page “Michael Myers of Decatur.” In the city of Decatur Indiana, you should always look over your shoulder because you just never know when Michael Myers will be looking at you.  It’s pretty amusing! The best part is that the videos of his pop-ups around the city are taped and shared on Facebook and YouTube.

Recently, a video was posted of Michael Myers taking a much needed vacation at Walt Disney World.  I absolutely love how he just appears in the bushes, relaxing in a hammock or being stopped by security.  The funniest part though is hearing his wife say, “You’re an idiot.” It gets me every time! I reached out and asked if they wouldn’t mind me sharing their video from Disney. They didn’t mind at all, they agreed and now I’m happy to share it with all of you. So funny… watch below!

This just goes to prove, Disney is the ultimate vacation for anyone.  Behind the mask, Evan Zimmerman plays Michael Myers and has been dressing as the character since 2012.  Behind the camera is Evan’s wife Sabrina filming and giving him a hard time for his antics. Their videos have been picked up by many different news outlets over the years and they all go viral.

If you don’t already follow their page, you can check out his Facebook at:


On YouTube his channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPg9Gdy_3SIwNMp-bRByvJg

You can even support Michael and his antics by purchasing merchandise from their Etsy store at:


With all the things going on in the world, we all need something to give us a laugh during the day and these videos will do that for sure. Thanks again Evan and Sabrina for sharing and for the fun entertainment!


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