Sweet Popcorn Bucket Keychains at Disney Springs

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Kristyn Taylor

You know that feeling of walking down Main Street with Cinderella Castle in sight and the smell of treats in the air? If you don’t know that feeling, you need a trip to Disney. If you do know, you still need a trip but you also know that there’s nothing like it. It’s the first magical moment guests experience upon entering the park. Luckily, that feeling never has to end. Souvenirs are a great way to remember the day and fun things you encountered. They also make great gifts for people who couldn’t make the trip.

At any given time, guests are never more than a few yards from a delicious snack or refreshing beverage. Unfortunately, these need to be consumed rather quickly. Holding onto them too long can cause them to melt, go cold, or lose flavor. A popular food choice is the popcorn and the fun variety of buckets they come in. In addition to the basic container, Disney offers characters, vehicles, and even seasonal styles.

Now you can have the best of both worlds by purchasing a keychain replica of a popcorn bucket!

Found at Disney Springs, these keychains come in three assortments: the alien from Toy Story, a red Mickey Balloon, and a Minnie-inspired figure. This souvenir is useful, affordable (only $9.99), and fun for those who want a unique keepsake. They also carry a variety of other food shaped keychains including but not limited to cupcakes and the Mickey Ice Cream Bar. The latter comes in both a metal and a silicon style allowing the guest to choose between simple or playful.

The snacks at Disney are quite iconic and they have reason to be. Where else can you get a popcorn bucket shaped like your favorite character or a chocolate dessert with mouse ears? Better yet, where else can you get one to take home and keep forever? The next time you’re at Disney Springs, keep an eye out for these and other fun food keychains. Happy Shopping!

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