Reasons why Pluto is Mouse’s Best friend

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Marina Radford

When we see Mickey, we know that his trustful pup Pluto isn’t far behind! Whether you are in the parks, or watching Disney+ Shorts, it’s safe to say that where there is Mickey, Pluto is along at his heels. Why do we love Pluto so much though? He is the only member of the fab five that doesn’t talk, which means he has to make up for it with this personality, which he does plenty of. Below are some reasons why we seem to think Pluto is Mouse’s best friend.

  1. Hes all dog. While each member of the fab five have their own human characteristics, giving them personalities, Pluto is… Just a dog. Maybe we had a dog growing up, or have one now, we know what that means. We have this friend that follows us around and takes up our bed, they can’t speak other than a bark, but we know that they love us. Pluto makes his love for Mickey, and all of the fab five very known, even if he can’t tell them.
  1. He’s childlike. Pluto brings this childlike wonder to us all. He is just a carefree pup without a care in the world. When we see him, we are in ways reverted back to our childhood when all we had to worry about was when our next meal and nap was. Along with being childlike Pluto is FUNNY. He enjoys having fun and playing jokes, which lets us laugh with him and at him and his victims (looking at you, Figaro).
  1. He’s smart. Pluto is a Bloodhound, which means that while he’s funny and silly, he is also very smart. He has problem solving skills that get his friends out of the stickiest of situations. He uses his brain and his nose to help everyone, and to help himself to yummy treats!
  1. He’s extremely loyal. In a world where friendships fall apart at the smallest disagreements, Pluto has stuck by Mickey since 1930. Pluto gives us hope that we will find out most loyal best friend, even if it is also a dog.

While these may not be your reasons for loving the happy yellow pup, we are sure there are many other reasons why we all love Pluto so much, just may not as much as a certain mouse we know.

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