Disney World Announces New Club Cool & Creations Shop Official Opening Dates

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Sean Sposato

It’s official, everyone’s favorite place to stop for free pop is coming back to Walt Disney World–in addition to an all-new Creations Shop said to be full of merchandise of tomorrow! The locations are set to open to guests beginning September 15.

According to Disney, the new spots will be located adjacent to EPCOT’s Test Track and Mission Space attractions, not far from the temporary Mouse Gear location. For those who don’t remember, Club Cool was once a one-stop-shop to sample Coca-Cola’s may sodas offered at countries around the world–our personal favorite was Beverly.

Due to renovations of Future World at EPCOT, the beloved shop was temporarily closed. Although, it seems this new location will offer a revitalized version of the iconic shop in a way that is said to keep the fan-favorite experience of sampling international sodas.

“Coca-Cola has been a part of the Disney Parks story since 1955 when ice-cold Coca-Cola was served at Disneyland! In 1998 the first iteration of Club Cool, Ice Station Cool, opened its doors here at EPCOT. Since then, we’ve continued to reimagine this location and it has truly become a part of the EPCOT experience,” Disney Imagineer Zach Riddley explained in a recent social media post.

For those not familiar with the new Creations Shop, the flagship location is said to be an “open, bright and welcoming environment” that will have an assortment of futuristic gear that was inspired by the historic transformation of EPCOT, and will be sold exclusively at this new location.

“Continuing this legacy of original art pieces, our team leading this transformation has found ways to represent both the creativity of the artists and the inspiration they bring to all who come to this place. This was a driving idea behind Creations Shop – a place dedicated to creative inspiration and commemoration that comes from the wonderful souvenirs we collect to mark our experiences,” Riddley explained in a post.

Will you be heading to these new locations on September 15 at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT? Let us know in the comments!

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