Man Says Disney ‘Brainwashes’ Visitors Into Buying Snacks at Theme Parks

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Sean Sposato

For years the Disney Parks has been known for their incredible treats, including their popcorn, Mickey ice cream bars, churros, and much more. However, according to a new theory floating around the internet, these magical destinations could be going an immoral distance to entice guests to purchase these items. Specifically, this theory claims “brainwashing.”

The theory can be seen below in a TikTok from user @hangryblogger. In the video, the TikToker says that the company uses “Smellitizers” to make the park smell like delicious food throughout its many themed lands.


Do you ever smell the churros first before seeing them at Disneyland? #disneyland #churros #disneyeats #disneyparks

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“Did you know Disneyland actually brainwashes you every time you visit?” a voice said in the video. “Have you ever walked by a building with a bunch of speakers on it but no sound is coming out?”

Those speakers actually emit certain aromas throughout the park.

According to a June post from user @JustTheNobodys, who created the original audio @hangryblogger shared, candy shops, ice cream shops, popcorn stands and rides all use Smellitizers.

As shared by former Disneyland employee, Jody Jean Dreyer, in an interview with Fast Company, these machines are a real part of the park and are said to “provide a complete experience” for guests. Although, the machines are said to be designed to enhance your emotions and the experience–not so much as to sell you things.

The video above has been viewed millions of times and has gone on to amass over 459,000 hearts.

It’s true that Disney goes the extra mile to fully immerse their guests in the magical worlds of their theme parks. However, to say the enhancement of the smell of a treat is meant to “brainwash” guests to purchase it might be a smidge dramatic.

What are your thoughts on these “Smellitizers?” Have you noticed them on any of your past visits to the Disney Parks? Let us know in the comments!

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