Robert Irwin and Alligator Post the Perfect Loki Costumes on Halloween

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Sean Sposato

When else do we get to dress up as our favorite Marvel superheroes then during Halloween? And this year Robert Irwin, son of the late Steve Irwin, dressed up with his Alligator as Loki and we swear it looks as if they both just came off the hit Disney+ TV show.

Robert, who still carries on the legacy of his late father Steven Irwin, known for educating the masses on wildlife through television, was inspired by the Master of Mischief and recruited his alligator to pull off an epic Halloween costume. Robert’s mystifying look can be seen in a tweet from the Australian below.

In the tweet, Robert writes: Happy Halloween from a couple of variants #Loki.”

For those not familiar with the TV series, the “variant” reference comes from the recent Disney+ series “Loki,” where we first learn of the Marvel character’s variants. This included Alligator Loki, in addition to several other variants of the character.

During the writing process, Director Michael Waldron said in an interview earlier this year how it was decided what variants fans would meet during the first season of the series.

“We were talking about [how] we want to meet many different versions of Loki in this show. I was just like, there should be an Alligator Loki. And it’s like, well, why? Because he’s green,” said Waldron.

He continued: “It’s so stupid, but it also makes total sense. You almost have to take it seriously, like maybe he is [a Loki]? Why shouldn’t there be an alligator version of Loki? For all we know, that’s an alligator universe or whatever. It’s just the sort of irreverent thing that, in this show, we play straight and make the audience take it seriously.”

What are your thoughts on Robert Irwin and his alligator’s take on Loki for Halloween? Let us know in the comments! 

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