Bob Iger Marks Last Day at Disney, Says ‘Couldn’t Have Done This Without’ His Wife and Kids

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Michele

Yesterday was the end of an era for Disney’s Bob Iger. Iger served as CEO of the company for 15 years, officially passing the position to his successor Bob Chapek in February 2020. (Chapek, 61, previously served as chairperson of Disney’s parks business.) Iger stayed on as chairman of the board at Disney until the end of 2021 when his contract concluded.

On Dec. 31, his last day, Iger, 70, tweeted his “enormous thanks” to his colleagues, employees and family.

“This is the end of my 47 1/2 yr ABC @Disney journey and it was ‘the ride of a lifetime.’ Enormous thanks to my colleagues & fellow cast members & special thanks to my wife Willow & my 4 children: Katie, Amanda, Max & Will. I couldn’t have done this without your love & support,” he wrote.

Iger recently spoke to Variety about stepping back from the company, admitting, “I have no interest in running another company” after this.

“I’ve mostly been focused on doing some selective investing in relatively new companies as a means of advising and mentoring founders. I’ll do more of that, but beyond that no plans at all,” Iger said of his plans.

I officially became CEO on October 1, 2005, and I really have not had a day off since. Not a day off,” he added. “I’m looking forward to what I’ll call a true day off. And I’m not talking about a day on my boat where I’m answering emails all day and screening rough cuts.”

Iger led the company founded by Walt Disney in the 1920s to a new era of film and TV, launching the Disney+ streaming service and overseeing the acquisitions of Star Wars and Pixar, plus the company’s successful Marvel franchise.

He said he has zero regrets from his tenure. “I’m not a second-guesser. I look back at things and try to use them as lessons in terms of what I might do better going forward.”

Iger, who once contemplated running for president, also told Variety that politics “are” off the table in his future.

“Looking back on it, I think I was a little bit too idealistic. I think I was just really naive and maybe a bit presumptuous about my abilities, but more than that just presumptuous about my chances,” he said of previously hoping to be president. “And I’m just over it.”

Best of luck to Bob Iger, he will be missed!

*credit People Magazine


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