Encino Man Star Says Disney+ Is Discussing Sequel

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If this new age of streaming has taught us anything, it’s that nostalgia alone is arguably the largest factor in the decision-making happening at studios. Reboots, continuations, and relaunches happen at every corner, and according to Pauly Shore, one of his most popular movies could soon be getting a sequel. In fact, the comedian says Disney+ is discussing the development of a direct sequel to Encino Man.

Speaking to Inverse in support of the film’s 30th anniversary, Shore said the streamer was talking about a follow-up, and it was just a matter of getting himself, Brendan Fraser, and Sean Astin on board with a script.

“I know Disney+ is talking about possibly doing the sequel,” Shore revealed to the website. “If they want me to do it and the script was right and Brendan and Sean were on board and it made sense, I would do it for the fans! It’s what [screenwriter] George [Zaloom] has been working on. So ask him about it.”

Zaloom was also on the call with the website, and added that fans might be pleasantly surprised by future news.

“If you ask me ‘Is there going to be another Encino Man?’ — I don’t know! I’m not going to say yes,” he added. “I’m not going to say no. We may be pleasantly surprised.”

It’s not the first time Shore has campaigned for sequels to his string of classics in the 1990s. In 2020, the actor revealed to ComicBook.com he had an idea for most of the features he’s ever appeared in, including Bio-Dome 2.

“I think all of them,” Shore said at the time. “Bio-Dome would be great with me and Stephen [Baldwin] — our kids get stuck in the bio-dome or something, you know what I mean? Or you can do Encino Man 2, all that stuff. I think these movies, Bill and Ted and my movie, are coming out at such a good time because of what’s going on in the world. Everything is doom and gloom, and I think this will be a refreshing feeling for people, to watch something that definitely takes your mind off of what’s going on in the world. A lot of it is timing. I don’t know if the movie would do as well, if the world was just kind of moving at a hundred thousand miles per hour. Everything’s kind of slowed down now.”

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