Check Out this 6-ft. Oogie Boogie animated standing figure from Home Depot!

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Michele

Disney World is already decorated for Halloween, plus the spooky good merchandise and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. So I think that means we can get ready for the spooky season too. Home Depot has a 6 foot animated figure of Oogie Boogie that’s pretty darn cool. Here’s the scoop!

Herald the season of ghouls and goblins with this animated Oogie Boogie standing figure. Swaying from side to side, this villainous sack of bugs brings a big dose of terror and fun to your Halloween gatherings.

The purple lighted eyes enhance an ominous vibe, and the collapsible design allows for neat storage.

Singing the Oogie Boogie song, this burlap-wearing crank charms audiences and makes a perfect addition to your crowd-pleasing Halloween setup.

At 6 feet tall, this animated Oogie Boogie standing figure comes with a DC adapter and on/off switch for motion and sound activation.

Use indoors to complete your Halloween decor
Motion sensor activates two movements
Sings the Oogie Boogie song to entertain your friends and family

Collapsible design allows compact storage
Oogie Boogie animated figure measures 72.64 in. H x 33.47 in. W x 23.62 in.

Purple lighted eyes add a dash of frightful fun
Includes Oogie Boogie animated figure and DC adapter.

You can find this awesome, larger than life Oogie Boogie and more at!

Stay tuned for more merchandise updates as we see them!


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