Star Wars: John Boyega Not Interested in Returning as Finn

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Michele

Star Wars actor John Boyega is not interested in returning as Finn. In a sit-down with Sirius XM’s Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang, the star explained why he would be walking through those doors again. Boyega is keeping busy with The Woman King and Breaking. But, Star Wars fans are always wondering if there would be a possibility of seeing Finn again. The ending to the sequel trilogy left a lot of people wondering when they would visit their favorite characters at a later point. But, it doesn’t sound like any of them are very interested in the prospect. Boyega enjoyed his time with the franchise, for the most part, but being a part of these massive projects just might not be something he enjoys. Now, the right script could roll out in front of him and he could be a Marvel hero. But, for right now, the Finn actor is happy pursuing various projects that feel fulfilling.

“At this point I’m cool off it. I’m good off it,” Boyega revealed. “I think Finn is at a good confirmation point where you can just enjoy him in other things, the games, the animation. But I feel like ‘[Episode] VII’ to ‘[Episode] IX’ was good for me.”

“To be fair, [with] the allies that I’ve found within Joel Taylor and Jamie Foxx, Teyonah Parris, Viola Davis, all these people I’ve been working with… versatility is my path.”

His on-screen partner Oscar Isaac was previously asked about a return to the series as well. Finn and Poe are beloved parts of the sequel trilogy. So, it feels like having neither of them going forward would be a blow to engaging those fans. However, maybe the stars will change their minds over time.

“I enjoyed the challenge of those films and working with a very large group of incredible artists and actors, prop makers, set designers, and all that was really fun. It’s not really what I set out to do,” Isaac said during a subsequent interview. “What I set out to do was to make handmade movies, and to work with people that inspire me. Paul [Schrader]’s movies, the things that he’s made, it’s in my DNA. I’m not alone, obviously. [For] every actor of a certain generation, those are the films that made them who they are, so that’s certainly my case. It feels like for me a personal turning point and that, as far as I’m concerned, it has nothing to do with the finished product. It’s the process of doing this.”

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