A Top Disney Executive Helped Out Bob Chapek at Disney

From the Walt Disney World News and written by: Sean Sposato

Per a recent report, it appears there was more to the recent departure of former CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Bob Chapek, than we originally thought. In fact, it seems Bob Iger may have had a hand in his return to the role he left willingly only three years ago.

Per a report by the Wall Street Journal, it seems Bob Iger, who just slipped back into his current role as CEO, after it was said he had quietly criticized Chapek as being “incompetent” and provided an “ear” for unhappy Disney executives–including chief financial officer Christine McCarthy.

A Nov. 16 phone call from McCarthy, who was “fed up with Chapek’s performance and leadership,” was instrumental in putting Iger back on top, according to the report. After many disappointing calls made by Chapek, McCarthy, without confronting Chapek or seeking board approval, called Iger to seek his interest in returning as CEO.

According to the repot, on Nov. 20, Susan Arnold, Disney’s chairman, told Chapek he was out, and a week after that, Iger found himself back at Disney’s Burbank, Calif., headquarters, addressing employees.

Iger has only technically agreed to sit in the role for the next two years. During this time he has been tasked with finding a successor. Although, some wonder if Iger may end up staying longer than these two years as in the past Iger had extended his role in the position multiple times.

Per the Walt Street Journal, rumored candidates to replace Iger after the two years include current Disney exec Dana Walden, former Disney execs Tom Staggs, Kevin Mayer, or even McCarthy.

“He’s got a big mess to clean up. It’s going to take more than two years,” the insider said. “I think he will stay longer than two years.”

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